#1,338 Cooking for 3.

Mallorie and Jim’s baby girl, Lucy, will be here any minute now which has had me worried sick about the food situation. We all eat out together just about every night so this morning I told her we needed to get busy tonight cooking meals to put in their freezer that they can heat up in those exhausting first days. We took off from work early and went to Winn Dixie and bought $200 worth of groceries, went to her house and got busy cooking. Aunt Gay stopped by for a minute and chopped vegetables while she was there which made everything super easy to throw together. We made lasagna, jambalaya, and Annalee’s ranch stew. That should keep them going at least for the first week.

Also, the Lucky Luxe stationery that goes in all our packages and samples is almost gone and so we printed up some new gold foil cards. I’m pleased as punch.