#1,357 Sunday Lunch.

We so rarely eat at home after church for Sunday lunch, but today since we had a pot of Annalee’s ranch stew in the fridge, I made a pan of cornbread and some Tabella dressing for salads.

I didn’t put nearly enough grease in the skillet before heating it up, so the cornbread was a little dry… But when you soak it in stew, who cares?

I use white corn meal, flour, eggs, buttermilk, oil, baking powder, sugar, salt and fresh cracked pepper. Mammaw told me when making cornbread batter to just put in enough ingredients to make it look like “this.” And she showed me. And I never forgot the proper texture, but I couldn’t describe it to you. Soupy, but not runny. Like oatmeal, maybe? Or grits?

How do you make cornbread?