#1,359 Mile High 7-Up Biscuits.

I tried an easy easy easy new biscuit recipe for breakfast supper club thanks to Mallorie. Apparently, it’s been around forever and I just never tried it till now. She made them for Sunday lunch a couple weeks ago and “I bout died.”

They’re fluffy, buttery, and super moist. You have to try it. Mal does hers in a Pyrex dish, but I only do biscuits in cast iron. They taste exactly like Mammaw’s buttermilk biscuits but are consistently fluffy because it’s a measured way of making them instead of ‘some of this, some of that’ like I normally make them.

In case you’re the next to last person on earth to get the recipe, and in case you haven’t read it on Pinterest already, let me share:

Mile High 7-Up Biscuits
4 cups of Bisquik (I know, it’s cheating)
1 cup 7Up
1 cup sour cream
1 stick of light butter (not margarine unless you’re into eating polymer)

Preheat to 425.

Melt butter in cast iron skillet on low, set aside.

Use your hands to mix together Bisquik, 7Up, and sour cream until it’s a well combined wet dough.

Get your hands really good and floured up, sprinkle some flour on the wet dough. Use your hands to roll biscuits and place them in the skillet right up next to each other. Bake 15 minutes. Voila. Best biscuits ever. Makes one large skillet of biscuits, maybe a few extras if you have a little skillet too.