#1,382 Honeycrisp.

The thing that makes me appreciate that I go to the trouble of writing this blog every. single. day. is the ability to read about the places we’ve been and the things we saw and learned there. At the time I knew I was enjoying the experience of being wherever we were, but I find that those are the posts that we both go back to and read again and again and again. By documenting these trips so carefully, we never really have to leave. I can go there anytime, I just have to google my own name followed by the town we visited.

The trips that have been my favorite of all are the road trip through New England, our 2nd New York trip, our first trip to Massachusetts, and the summer road trip through old Florida in 2010.

We’ve both read each of those blogs about a million times.

Tonight we found honeycrisp apples in the produce section of the grocery store. We bought a few pounds of them. I couldn’t eat mine fast enough.

Because of this blog, I can remember details about the first time I tasted one.  It took me back to that apple festival that we happened upon in Winchester, Virginia by chance last fall. It was fresh off of a tree from an orchard in that town. And I knew I might never taste anything so wonderful again if I ever left Virginia (though my Walmart apple was pretty wonderful). That same day, we drove from North Carolina to Massachusetts. We drove through the Shenandoah Valley, to New York City, where we had pizza in Tribeca and drove beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, we saw a little of Connecticut, we went to West Chester, Pennsylvania. We saw so many wonderful things in the course of one single day. And the taste of a honeycrisp apple will remind me of that day for the rest of my life.

Y’all. Please. If you leave home, write down everything. Take pictures of the things you like at the moment. It’s so good to remember it all later.