#1,432 Early Anniversary.

Oh today, y’all. So hard. So stressful. So happy. And on not nearly enough sleep. A lot of exciting and difficult and hysterical and great things happened, regardless of how tired I felt. It’s hard to focus on the best thing, but for now I’ll give the award to exchanging our anniversary gifts. True to form, we don’t buy extravagant things, but meaningful ones. Or at least Ben is very good at that, and I have to think harder for some reason. The 5th wedding anniversary (ours will be 1 week from today on the 22nd) gift is traditionally wood. So.

He’s been hinting at how he really needs a new pocket knife because all of his are falling apart one way or another. The week we got married I gave him a royal blue Case knife. Tonight I gave him one made of rosewood with a lifetime warranty. Hopefully they mean it.

Then he gave me the first one of mine. Another, he said he’s giving me on our trip next week. The last one, when we come home. I found a pretty little wooden cigar box for the wrapping because, “it had to be wood. Paper doesn’t count.”

 Check out those dark circles 14 hours post-makeup application. Yikes.

He used a wood burning tool to write into this cool wooden phonce case. 5 years. My lucky number, too.

He said, “The ‘For Erin’ was my first attempt. Sorry.” This is an adorable man.

Also, don’t tell daddy I showed you the photo capturing the essence of his Movember moustache and stogie……………….. Inside the house.