#1,478 Oh Thirteen.

It’s December 31 and I’m on a youth trip, writing these words in the middle of a room of screaming, laughing teenagers, which means it’s almost a new year and time for another review of my favorite things about the last 365 days. 
When people talk about JFK, they think of a number—1963. The year. The same with any important life event. I was married in 2008. My mama was born in 1955. We attach numbers, these years, to the moments that count for us. And I wonder what will make me say, “Yeah! That was in 2013!” In the years ahead. You know? I won’t ever forget 1995 is the year I turned 10 years old (double digits), and I wonder what 2013 will be forever tied to in the book of my life? 
This began as a resolution on January 1, 2010 and I’m shocked that I stuck with it so long beyond that first year. It wasn’t my intent, actually, but it’s been a really good thing for me. There have been lots of nights when I didn’t feel like the day was notable enough to write about, but if you lose sight of the good in even one single day, it gets slippery. You forget to count your blessings. I do, at least. It’s important to me that life be a beautiful adventure. Even the hard things can be beautiful—and usually are the most beautiful in the end. In this way, by blogging, I can freeze those beautiful things. And so I keep doing it, day after day, an electronic scrapbook of our life and the small and big and good and difficult things—because the sum of their parts are the blessings. All of it. I’m not ready to leave my post just yet. I’ll carry on in 2014, leaving these little snapshots of life along the way to wherever we’re going. And I swear I feel like 2014 could be a big one. Isn’t every year, if you’re keeping up with it? 
These are the things that I remember loving the most in 2013:
We launched our new shop website.
Ben built me a new pantry.
I fell in love with Downton Abbey.
The false spring in Laurel is one of my favorite times of year.
Jim and Mallorie announced that Lucy was coming.
Sauce joined Lucky Luxe.
We had our first Shrove Tuesday at the church.
We took a romantic Valentine’s trip to New Orleans on the train.
We did a Lucky Luxe studio tour.
I watched a movie that made me nostalgic for childhood.
We took a sunshiny trip to the coast for my grown up spring break.
I’ve got some hangups and quirks
I got a touching message from a reader.
Ben says we have an Easter house.
We took a 1 day trip to the beach.
Ben guest blogged. Ain’t he adorable?
I went to my 10 year high school reunion.
We added a half bath to the house.
We spent a lot of time on the porch.
I talked about why my mama is so wonderful.
We took a break from the campaign.
Ben ran for office, and we finished our first election.
The magic of summertime.
I got some courage from Esther.
I played a show.
We went on a 90s concert road trip through Florida and Georgia.
Our house was in a magazine.
Lucy James was born.
I turned 28 years old.
Ben made me screen doors for the front porch.
Daddy turned 60, then Ben turned 30.
We took a spontaneous trip to New Orleans.
Preston was born, and I was missing The Sopranos.
I got the big call from Martha Stewart Weddings.
Mama, Adam and I made a children’s book.
We went to New York and New Jersey for our 5th anniversary.
I did an interview with Mississippi Magazine.
We gave thanks for an answered prayer, John Walker.
Pancake Day in Laurel is my favorite Saturday of the year.
Ben gave me my 5th year book at the end of Love Week.
We had Christmas with our families.
I’m glad you’re here. See y’all next year!