#1,533 Yard Work.

Oh man, y’all. It’s just been a really really really long time since we did any yard work around here. Since we had a legit winter this year with ice and snow and everything, it stunted the yard growth enough to keep us from feeling too guilty about it. Until today, when the leaves piling up became too much to ignore. After we finished our work, we worked as hard as we could before the sun set on us to get the yard in better shape. We weedeated, raked, raked, raked, and mowed. I’m glad it looks like humans live here again. I mean the grass is still dead, but at least it’s tidy.

2 pickups loads of leaves are now waiting patiently at the roadside for public works to whisk them away.

Baker helped by leaning against me while I tried to rake, getting in front of the camera at every opportunity, and sitting in his favorite spot, blocking the back door.



He can work the camera. There are no photos of Chevy because he was hiding from the horror of the truck in the backyard + lawn mower noises.