#1,548 Bangs + Shoes.

Tonight we finished season 2 of House of Cards. WOAH.

Have you seen this show? My faith in politics began to waver once we saw what really goes on behind the scenes after Ben’s campaign last summer. It turned him off to politics completely. We began watching season 1 back then, and that might have had a big hand in our loss of faith in government. Even at the local level—nothing is as it seems.

But this show. It’s fascinating. But more than that it lended inspiration for my new haircut. I got some sort of shorter fringey bangs yesterday and today I tried my hand at a Claire Underwood-ish look. I think I like it.

Gosh, isn’t Robin Wright just prettier the older she gets?
In other news, I’m still in love with Payless. I mean. I bought these nude ballet flats for $12 today.
I almost paid way more for them at DSW. Score. You need to go check it out if you haven’t lately because there were about 5 other pairs I really loved.