#1,599 Guest Speaker.

One day every spring for the last few years I’ve had the great pleasure of hanging out with and speaking to the students in the art department at Ole Miss, and I look forward to it for weeks leading up. But FIRST… We met Ross and Sauce at our all-time favorite breakfast spot in Oxford.

I just wish we lived closer to one another because we’re totally soul sisters. We work together weekly via text and email—and it closes the distance gap in unexpected ways. We haven’t seen each other in person in months, but it never feels that way. Thanks, technology!



Afterward we hung out and everyone showed me what they’ve been working on. Best of all—they all gave me some of their favorite pieces! I’ve got a box of super cool prints by some very talented artists.





One of the teachers showed me this letterpress greeting card that made me cackle out loud:

It’s so bizarre walking into my old classrooms, finding my prints hanging on the walls with the “real” artists, telling them the story of how I accidentally became a creative small business owner.

Ginny was my first graphic design professor and my first semester class with her was all about typefaces—the love of my professional life. She had a huge impact on me at the time. My third eye opened learning the nuances of so many typefaces I’d never taken the time to consider, which ultimately led me to a career in designing with strictly type… And it blows my mind that now she speaks to me like I’m a peer. Which I definitely am NOT. Love her!

Afterward we went to South Depot Taco Shop for queso.

We had a Charlie Mars sighting walking around the square. Ben got 3 pair of Ole Miss football gym shorts to replace his favorite old raggedy pair… for $10 each.

It felt good to be back on our old stomping grounds. It always does.