#1,601 Day in the Park.

It’s the first Saturday in May! A citywide holiday in Laurel! Well, not really. But Day in the Park is the kind of thing that people work their weekend schedules around. No one wants to miss the corn dogs. After doing some youth group mission work first thing this morning, Ben came home and we made the 4 block walk to Mason Park for my favorite springtime Laurel tradition. There is only one day out of the whole year when 7th Avenue looks like this, and it’s the image in my mind when I think of childhood trips to Day in the Park:


Josh and Em met us there:

We found lots of our yutes wandering around:

Growing up, I would look forward to the student art competition for months before the festival. It’s definitely my favorite thing:

Neighborhood friends are just a few of the people you’ll see there—along with everyone else you’ve ever known in your whole life:

Attempted selfies:

The loveliest day for a walk you could ever imagine. I would live without summer if spring could drag on forever and ever.