#1,674 Summer Vortex + World’s Best Mac & Cheese.

A cold front, the polar vortex oddly enough, came through overnight that made today feel like October. It was amazing! We had breakfast on the porch for the first time since the late spring and I hit shuffle on my Sufjan Stevens playlist and (maybe) inhaled my favorite apple spice candle one good time when I got to work. I did not light the candle, so back off. I’m trying very hard to pace my autumnal longings. It’s a struggle every year that becomes unbearable around August when I try to wear light sweaters in a vain effort to pretend I live in New England where fall is a reality in August.

Anyway, the pups liked it about as much as I did.

I had an easier work schedule today so we invited the bunch over for dinner. We put a roast in the crock pot at 9 am and by 5 our house smelled like supper. I Googled until I found what is supposedly THE Mac and Cheese to end all mac and cheese to go with it… And as it turns out. It just might be. I followed this recipe except I added 2 tsp. of ground mustard powder to the cheese sauce because Pioneer Woman says so. You need to make this for supper stat!

So thankful for the vintage hand cranked grater Ben’s mama gave me a few years ago. It took about 2 minutes to grate all of this cheese and it wasn’t hard at all. Do you have one of these?!