#1,676 A Fallish Summer Day + Jeans.

It was a rainy, dreary, beautifully fallish day around here. The best things about it?

A new linen robe from H&M that’s my new favorite thing.

My favorite godnephew spent the morning at work with me while his daddy went to see a few of his home health patients. Why yes, that is a Rocky onesie he’s wearing. How did you know?

 We chewed fingers.

Sent some emails.

Checked out  my wedding ring.

 And got tired.

 Oh John Walker. You’re too precious to look at directly.

Then tonight, we were on J & M’s porch doing our weekend thing. What did we do before the porch??

 Ben looks very pensive here. I can tell you what he’s thinking about.

…The fact that we’ve finally found the perfect fitting jean for him. After years of ill-fitting jeans that are just a little too tight in the thighs, a little too short for boots, and borderline “designer” washes… For some reason it never occured to him to check Carhartt. His favorite brand. And the 1889 series relaxed bootcut jeans are perfect.

So we’ve determined that there are 3 brands made perfectly for his formidable size: L.L. Bean (for shirts + jackets), Carhartt (for pants) and Stafford (for suits). It feels good to know.