#1,780 Lucky Luxe Clean Up.

With only one day to spend on getting Lucky Luxe in ship shape, I got up early and headed to the shop in weather so cold it already feels like Christmas outside. We turned the heat on today!

I called in for professional help and had Mrs. Sandy work on cleaning while I worked on throwing stuff away: old samples, empty boxes, old books, and about a million scraps of paper.

In the mix I found my old sketchbook from senior year at Ole Miss, and in that sketchbook—a drawing I did of Jesse with ink, pencil and coffee. I was alarmed by how much it looked like him staring back at me!

And I couldn’t have done it without Emily, who sat and folded all of our Christmas cards for the Southern Antiques open house tomorrow. Thank goodness for 9 months pregnant friends who don’t mind wasting an afternoon.

It was late when we were finished, so there are no after photos of Lucky Luxe… But here’s the Southern Antiques storefront all finished up in the daylight! This may be my proudest work. Can I just do window lettering forever?