#1,786 Haters Gonna Hate + Mall Date.

So, here’s the thing.

I write this blog every single day of my life for a couple of reasons:

1. It’s hard for me to focus on the good things a lot of the time—this is an exercise in doing that.
2. I can Google keywords from days in our life together, and pull up a post to relive it.
3. I love this community of friends it’s somehow created, this tiny corner of the internet. Because of it, some of my most special friendships have formed.

I think it’s important to note that:

1. No one pays me to do it.
2. Some days I really don’t feel like it.
3. Some days the best thing that happened is crazy and huge, and too big to wrap my arms or my mind around.
4. Some days are downright rotten and it’s nearly impossible to think of something to write about.

Today, I found that there are some (apparently daily) readers here who are really annoyed by me, that I did this (because I can’t handle criticism and that’s “sad”), or talked about my friends’ cool apple orchard (I’m a corporate sellout). And you know—it’s totally okay for them to feel that way. Because there are about a million and a half other blogs out there that welcome anonymously tearing down people as if there are no consequences—but it’s not this one. I’m a real person, with real feelings, and a real life that I really enjoy and choose to share. This is not an advice column, a celebrity blog, a news source, or a how-to book. It’s my journal, and on its best days, a community for people like me who love Jesus, pancakes, old stuff, and long walks to talk to each other. If you’re not interested in being my friend, I’ll just keep deleting your inane comments and moderate my blog until you finally find someone else to bug. You, Anonymous in Ridgeland, Mississippi (thanks Google Analytics! Oops, corporate product placement?), are not welcome here.

I would just like to ask, kindly, that if you don’t like to see pictures of my family and stories about my (mostly boring) days, please. By all means. Find a new place to be a rain cloud, or even better—consider writing about the blessings in your own life. It might cure that desire of yours to smush other people’s happinesses.

Via The Year of Lettering

Now! Back to our regularly scheduled programming! After a delicious date night steak dinner:

We went to the mall. Where they were playing CHRISTMAS MUSIC AND WE WERE SO EXCITED!

And there was Christmas stuff everywhere!

Which means it’s coming soon!

Our new design, Eudora, made its debut in Southern Living’s sister publication, Southern Weddings magazine — in stores today! We’re so excited to see it in print!

Fittingly, it’s a design inspired by a peach orchard.