#1,792 Newish iMac.

First of all—the weather today could not have been more ideal, in my estimation. I’m a weird bird in that I don’t love warm sunshiney days the most… But cold, dreary, cloudy days. Those days sound like David Gray and taste like maple syrup and feel like:
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

A few days ago we found a good deal on a used 2012 iMac on Mac of All Trades for Ben to use in production and today it came in!

It’s been pitiful/hysterical seeing him attempt work from the tiny little (decorative?) antique desk we inherited from mama on the tiny little laptop I use to work from when I’m traveling.

He kept telling me he’s claustrophic and would have to unbutton his pants to get comfortable which made me laugh out loud.

Progress was delayed on the standing desk with our trip up to Tupelo, but tomorrow he should be able to finish it! Woo!

Tonight after supper (a big bowl of soup) we ran over to Walgreens in search of brown nail polish (no luck there) and ran smack into the hardest decision we’ve made all week:

Shortbread won.