#1,793 Standing Desk, Done.

After a week of working on it, the standing desk is finished! And I’m in love!

When I finished my work I came over to help stain the old reclaimed tongue-in-groove boards to match the dark pew pieces.

He polished up a few of the old brass pulls we still had from our Boston salvaging.

And I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. And it was 100% free!

Then we nearly killed ourselves moving it up the huge flight of stairs into the studio sample room—now Ben’s new office. Now where will we get the perfect stool?

Since it was another freezing blustery day with highs in the 40s, we came home from the unheated workshop with frozen fingers and toes to have another soup supper with homemade yeast muffins, sliced and buttered, by the fire.

That’s about as cozy as it gets, isn’t it? Well, it’d be cozier if there were a Christmas tree, but it won’t be long now!