#1,805 Family Pics + Table + Sizzle.

It was such a beautiful (brisk!) day at Ben’s parents’ house. Sam and Lyn tried to take some Christmas card photos at the beach recently but didn’t love how they turned out, so today I offered to give it a whirl since Ben’s mama has a Canon DSLR with a telescopic lens and the trees were so pretty out there. I couldn’t believe how great the photos turned out with the right lighting and the right camera!

The girls’ gorgeous red hair and the blue clothes were perfect for the foliage in Ben’s parents’ yard. Please consider that Lyn hasn’t had a bite to eat, just broth and drinks, in over a year… And she still looks energized and sparkling. Her stomach became spontaneously paralyzed last September and she’s fighting so hard to keep her life as normal as possible without being able to eat, and I’m totally amazed by how tough she is. Man, she makes me feel like a major wimp.

Oh, and…

That dang table is finished.

And it is so, so lovely and sturdy in person. Way to go, Big. WAY TO GO.

And last but definitely not least, we got to see the finished sizzle today. SO surreal! I wish I could share the video with you, but we’ve got to keep it close. The film is set to this song though and here are a few screenshots so if you use your imagination it’s basically like you’re watching it, right?

If nothing comes of this (which is what I’m fully expecting), how cool is it to have this for future generations?

And speaking of TV, this happened on my instagram today: