#1,820 NYC Family Vacation Day 1.

After a surprisingly great night’s sleep (we went to bed at 11:30!) we headed out for New Orleans with Jim and Mallorie for a work/fun family vacation to NYC and the Berkshires. It’s after 1 am here, so I’m going to let the pictures tell y’all about it.

Waiting on a plane.

Waiting on a taxi from the airport.

Our super cute hotel on a super cute street:

Our dinner reservations at Fraunces Tavern, a restaurant older than the United States, and the place where George Washington had his retirement party from the continental army. Ben and I had Thanksgiving supper here on our honeymoon in 2008:

We had to wait for our table at the bar that was so cozy and all dressed up for Christmas. They were playing music by The Arcade Fire and Matt & Kim, so I was LOVING it in there:

Ben found Louisiana cane sugar root beer by Abita and was pleased as punch about that.

We saw the stock exchange:

I FINALLY GOT TO HAVE A CANNOLI FROM CAFFE ROMA! My Sopranos loving heart has never been happier! We also had tiramisu. Because it’s vacation.

And the 3rd generation owner was there for closing time and could not believe we came all the way from Mississippi and was so excited to talk to us about it. He loves New Orleans, incidentally. The sweetest man! His grandfather came over from Italy and opened up this pastry shop in 1891. How cool is that?

And then we became best friends for life with Taber and Kait, who were strangers to each other and to us when we all landed on the same platform waiting for the D train. Taber is a jazz pianist from Tenneessee who is getting his master’s degree at Julliard, and recognized our accents that sounded like home. And Kait, a poet from Pennsylvania, was an innocent bystander who saw us all recognizing home in each other’s accents and so she jumped in, too. We talked forever waiting on that dang train.

We hopped out at Bryant Park to walk down 5th Avenue and see the incredible Christmas window displays.

This one at Saks with an interactive man in the moon who winks and smiles and looks around was the creepiest, and coolest, and dreamiest and my absolute favorite.

Much to my surprise, art deco and the Gatsby thing are STILL in style. We’ve been selling that invitation for 2 years solid non-stop, so I’m just waiting on that to peter out at this point. The displays were stunning!

A tiny little display window of nothing but the gorgeous calligraphy of Bernard Maisner, a legend in my line of work:

And now, I will pass out. Great success for our first night!