#1,857 Working, Walking Saturday.

We woke up to the most beautiful, bright, borderline springy morning with highs set to be in the low 60s. Tomorrow and Monday it’s going to be even warmer out, which I’m super excited about. We had waffles. We did laundry.

Ben checked the mail and gave me this week’s letter from Lisa, which made my heart feel full to bursting. I won’t ever lose this one, friend. Do you have a pen pal? You should try it. We text and call too, but letters. Those are the really special messages.

Round lunchtime we went out to the county to see Mammaw and take her a delicious, nutritious, gourmet meal from the only nearby restaurant we had when I was growing up. Northeast Jones people can’t live without Walker’s.

After lunch we went to the shop to brainstorm ideas for the new website structuring for Lucky Luxe Dry Goods and Scotsman Co. There was other brainstorming too.

And around 4:00, we went over to Josh and Emily’s at Homewood to go for a walk in the beautiful old city cemetary one street over before they close the gates at 5. It sounds creepy, I know. But it was really lovely.

Can we just admire their house for a moment? That whitewashed brick? That old screen door? The collonades and porticos and terraces?

Anyway, at the cemetary, for the first time ever I found the secret garden that holds the great old Laurel movers and shakers’ graves. I felt in awe standing at Lauren Rogers’ headstone, and I felt sad for the people who loved him so much that when he died at just 23 years old, they felt compelled to build a library (that became Mississippi’s first art museum—right across from our house) in his memory.

He was such an incredibly handsome young man who had just become a husband when he passed away from acute appendicitis in 1921. I think I fell in love with him via this portrait that hangs in the museum when I was a little girl. Swoon.


We finished the walk and headed back to Josh and Emily’s, went to dinner, then came back and the boys lit a fire in Josh’s big outdoor chimney in the backyard.

Let’s all drool over their house again:


It really is so sweet to live a small town life with friends like ours.