#1,884 Valentine’s Paint.

Since tomorrow we’ll be busy wrapping up the renovation and then hosting company from out of town tomorrow night, today counted as our Valentine’s Day. This sounds trite, but most every day feels like Valentine’s Day to us. Waking up and having breakfast together each morning, getting to go share the whole day, then going home at the end of a long day building this company that we love and sharing a meal and watching Netflix on the couch at midnight after a long walk… That’s as good as it gets, to me. But today is a little special, so before the run to Lowe’s we decided to stop by Topher’s and see what the new breakfast is all about. 

And it was so so so so SO good, we might make it a weekend ritual. As in, tomorrow.

We arrived at the shop in time to meet Will, our lifesaver/sign painter/wall painter to paint mine and Ben’s offices. Y’all had such a great idea that seemed like too much trouble to me at the time and I’m so glad we called him. Today he primed over the stained walls and tomorrow they’ll get the same paint Ben’s office did this afternoon.

Ben made the daily post office run to drop samples and came back with a sweet and salty Valentine for me. White cheddar + caramel from Sweet Daddy’s down the street. THE BEST!

You might be shocked to learn that I did not go with Dover White for once in my life. This time, it’s Sherwin Williams Natural Choice, a greyer shade darker than Dover. It’s looking SO GOOD in person, even though it looks pretty dark in this twilight photo.

We closed up shop at 5:15 to hustle down to Hattiesburg and hopefully beat the crowd getting to Tabella (of course).

And I found some good stuff for the house and office at At Home in the mall. This cabinet will be for Ben’s printer and those drawers are going to be handy as a pocket on a t-shirt.


Okay, but they were so good. And I didn’t eat them all.