#1,903 Big.

Have I ever told you about how big Ben is?

He really is.
Physically, you know that he’s very big. 6 feet 6 inches tall and 300 lbs. But that’s not what I mean. Not really.
Whenever the people he loves are hurting, he has a way of being big enough to carry them. He, somehow, makes the heavy things lighter. When I feel afraid, he reminds me to pray, and sometimes he throws me across his big shoulders and actually carries me to the church.
Sometimes, when life is bearing down in a way that feels impossible and makes me numb, he lifts me up by coming in with the right words when I cannot find them. He shoulders responsibility without being asked. My grandmother was struggling to pull herself up in her hospital bed tonight when we arrived. He went to her, knowingly, and she put her arm around him. He scooped her up easily, like a little child, and moved her to make her comfortable. When people around him are hurting, he becomes so much his father’s son—strong, calming, warm, and utterly comforting, and I thank God for my father-in-law who taught his boys how to be men.
He’s big because he has to carry so many people… But his heart is always light.
There’s a lot of grace in there.