#1,922 Chivalry.

Tonight while Ben was playing in his church league basketball game, I went to Walmart to get groceries for the dinner I’m cooking Wednesday night. On the way there I started to smell something hot—which means “DANGER!” when your car is 44 years old. As I pulled into the parking spot, I felt my little engine make a little shimmy shake and I could smell burning rubber. I knew that probably wasn’t good, so I checked under the hood and didn’t see any flames shooting out of it, so I shut the lid and went inside to buy my groceries. I texted Ben about it and he was pulling up next to me as I was walking up.

In less than 5 minutes he diagnosed and fixed the problem—a loose fan belt.


Also, we don’t have any car notes which makes the occasional loose fan belt and electrical problem totally worth it, if you ask me.