#1,924 Dinner Guest.

We spent the day fluffing up the house for our special guest this evening. I’m SO exhausted. Let’s have a picture story tonight.

Breakfast to power through the day. The really healthy kind with no protein, just sugar and carbs (and butter!)

A quick visit to see Mammaw (who is doing better here than she ever was at home! I’M SO THANKFUL! She had just gotten her weekly manicure and polish and we were walking to the dining room for lunch. Love her.).

Cooking dinner… Pollo manchego! That Good Rice. Is. SO FINE.

And after a long, lovely dinner on the porch we took our special guest for a walking tour of the neighborhood and told him all about every home and every person. It’s a hobby of ours.

I wish so badly I could tell you more, but I just can’t yet. And the next two days of blogging might be pretty vague too, but hang in there. Like I’ve said… It’s going to get really good in a few months.