#1,930 New Biscuit Recipe + Ghost Sign.

I stumbled upon Southern Living’s ‘best ever buttermilk biscuit‘ recipe video last night and it made my mouth water. I checked the pantry and didn’t have any self-rising flour so before bed I put a stick of butter in the freezer, and this morning, bright and early, Ben ran to the grocery to grab some so I could give it a whirl. I followed all the steps…

But… They didn’t rise as promised. They were really delicious, buttery, soft, but flat biscuits and we ate them all because they tasted wonderful… But what gives? I think I might have rolled the dough too flat before cutting (I’ve never cut a biscuit before—it’s always been hand rolled for me), but I wasn’t too embarrassed to take one to Mammaw, who ate it happily. So I guess they weren’t too bad. But MAN I wanted them to fluff up tall!

In other news, I designed a new ghost sign today (that’s not so ghostly) for the big empty wall that faces our train depot. In Laurel Main Street we’ve been talking about how badly we need something to entice passengers riding on the Amtrak Crescent Line to New Orleans to get off and take a look around. I hope this will do the trick:

This is just the rendering, and painting will actually begin on it this summer! I so love bringing history into the present however I can. Have you picked up on that?