#1,943 Toni Visits.

Tonight we had Toni, a really special guest all the way from Canada, over to the house for dinner. It’s strange how many Canadian friends we seem to have, right? Stranger still how many of them have had dinner on our porch in Mississippi. And sadly, of all the fun we had tonight, I only managed to snap this one lame photo while Ben checked a text. Typical.

In other news, Ben and I have been working slow and steady on building the plans for our new stores… Did we tell you about Lucky Luxe Dry Goods and Scotsman Co.? It’s happening! This fall/winter, the online stores will be live and right now we’re laying the groundwork for all the lovely homey and manly things we want to make and sell. It’s so much fun. There’s lots of canvas from Dry Goods. Lots of wood from Scotsman. Stay tuned!