#1,950 Jimmy Don Surprise.

So we pulled up to the Laurel Machine and Foundry annual crawfish boil and anvil shoot after work today, and as we’re walking through the fields of cars, we pass by a Tahoe with a ‘Stars Over Texas Metal Art‘ decal on the back glass… And a Texas tag. And we thought… SURELY not. It couldn’t be Jimmy Don. We’re 10 hours from Waco! He’s become friends with SO many Laurel people on instagram (@jimmydon522), he might as well be one of us, so on a level it did make some sense… But surely not. So we go inside into the thousands of people, everyone we’ve ever known, bellying up to the crawfish line getting their fill.

And then I’ll be dadgum if Jimmy Don didn’t come just to surprise us.

We were shocked for two seconds, then really excited to hang out with our ole buddy ole pal. He brought along his son, Jake, and his nephew, Jake, since Lori wasn’t able to get away. We couldn’t wait to introduce him to all his Laurel friends who’ve only been friends via the magic of the internet until today. Trent, the owner of LMF/the host of the party:

And Whitney, our sweet neighbor friend/the state auditor’s wife:


Ross (and Laura):

And afterward, because I am a baby and have no tolerance for spicy food, we all went for steaks at Dean’s Smokehouse. Because when your Texas friend comes to town, you have to, right?

Such a crazy and fun night!