#1,992 Summer is Here.

Arguably the biggest day of the year for downtown Laurel every year—we partied all evening with opening day of the Farmer’s Market and Downtown Movie Night and the Downtown Welcome Center in Jim and Mal’s building. Every sidewalk and street corner was so packed with foot traffic and friendly faces, if I could count my words as calories burned I’d say I ran a marathon today.

Mal and I were twinsies in royal blue:

Farmer’s Market crowd was great (Ben got the crazy eyes from the sun)…

Then the Welcome Center grand opening was even better…

Photo by Alexis Melendez (Hip in the ‘Sip)

Then the Movie Night crowd was insane. The biggest ever!

There had to be 1,000 people at least!

It was fun to see the new design I did for the Jones County tourism department (a nod to our county’s famous history) popping up on people in the crowd like our friend, Suzanne:

And now, I will go collapse because I’m too tired to spell things anymore today. Goodnight, dear reader!