10 Ways To Know You're A Home Town Fan

1. You’ve wondered if you could pull off a blonde pixie haircut or pictured yourself with a big beard.


2. You’ve calculated in your head how many miles away Laurel, Ms is from your home (or you’ve actually looked it up on Google Maps.) 


3. You’ve mentally started planning a trip to Laurel, MS (or have already come and visited with us!)


4. You’ve sniffed a candle and thought about a childhood memory.



5. You’ve thought about trading in your sedan for an old work truck.


6. You’ve picked up an American-Made product and appreciated the craftsmanship.

7. You’ve looked around your home and thought, “What would Erin and Ben do in here?”


8. You’ve considered adding a front porch to your home.


9. You’ve contemplated adding more flannel to your wardrobe. 

10. You’ve wondered if you could start incorporating Southern phrases into your everyday vocabulary. 

Keep tuning into HGTV’s Home Town on Sunday Nights and see what’s going on in America’s favorite small town - Laurel, MS.