10th Anniversary

I’m thankful for marriage today. I’m thankful for the size 14 boots I trip over in our bedroom, for the sound of the basketball bouncing in the backyard every morning at 4:30 am, for the empty glass on the coffee table, for wood chips in the dryer, for the cream left on the counter by the coffee maker, for the huge boxes of car parts and tools that arrive in the mail most every day. The things that might annoy remind me that I’m not alone, that I get to share this home with you and all the quirks that are distinctly you. I’m thankful to be in your circle, with your arm around me, that you pick me first to be on your team, that you assume yourself to be a friend to every stranger you meet, and that you say “I love you,” after every phone call, even a question from the grocery store aisle about cereal. I am thankful for everything about you, and especially, that you made me a mother. Happy Thanksgiving and 10th anniversary, Ben. (Photos: @litt.le)

From Erin Napier on 11/22/18