#111 Ava Brooke.

Our neighbor, Khiron, has been planning to have his little daughter’s name tattooed on himself for quite some time now. When I saw Betsy Dunlap’s (isn’t she fabulously talented?) unexpectedly quirky, modern, simple and slightly feminine lettering done for a man’s tattoo design, I knew I had to show this to him:
Fortunately, he felt the same way I did. I’m just glad we saved him from a tattoo nightmare.
Since I just happen to know one of the best calligraphers ever, I suggested that Khiron contact the uber-talented Holly Wilson to get that same whimsical, understated look for his sweet Ava Brooke’s name. Not only did she give him “some options,” she wrote it no less than 100 different ways and we were all floored by how much love and effort she put into the project. These 2 were everyone’s favorites:
SO gorgeous, right?! He wondered how it would look in navy ink, so we tinkered around with a Photoshop rendering:
He’s getting it done this weekend, so I’ll post photos then!