#143 School’s out.

Well, it’s been out for 2 and a half years for me, but for Ben (who’s in seminary) and the kids, summertime is cause for much celebration. Today was the first pool party of the year and I even got my hair wet. I have a real hard time with cold water, but I was sweating after 5 minutes of laying by the pool and had no trouble giving in.

(Mickey serving the Dickey’s. Teehee!)

(The junior high guys and girls are still not ready to swim too close to each other. I find this to be terribly cute.)
I tried some shutter speed tricks with my new camera.
I was there, but taking all the pictures since Ben can’t work this high-fangled technology yet. Hi!
After the pool party, word on the street was there was gonna be a blow up floatie slide thing at the Wilson’s house so of course we went.
After a few hours of hanging out with the youth kids on Euclid with everyone in the neighborhood, greasing up with baby oil and flying down an inflatable slide designed for 1st graders, we finally decided to call it a night. We headed out through the front yard, and walked hand in hand down 5th Avenue back home to Magnolia Street and counted the lightening bugs along the way. They were everywhere.
We didn’t say very much on the walk home. The only noises were the whippoorwhills and the Tylenol clinking in my bag. We were both daydreaming of convertible rides, and I was remembering our walks on this same sidewalk when we were just falling in love. I hoped to be his one and only girl someday, but I never knew that being there would be this good. (Two peas from the same pod, yes we are… The Sundays. Such a perfect day for that song!) The beginning of summer is so sweet.