#165 Pensacola & Obama.

Since the oil slick has taken over Orange Beach, 2 things happened: we ventured out to Pensacola Beach to swim, and Obama was in Orange Beach to assess the damage. More on that later. Pensacola was fantastic. It was roughly 200 degrees outside (an ice cold coke was lukewarm within less than 2 minutes) and we swam in crystal clear waters for a few hours and got some sun without the burn. Amazingly.
The entire way back to Orange Beach, there were deputies and cops parked at every single intersection, parking lot and driveway. It was insane. We asked what was going on when we got out a gas station and they only would say “presidential detail.” We knew he was coming, but thought it would be tomorrow. We made it home, then got ready to go out for dinner. An hour later when we tried to pull out of the driveway, cops stopped us and said no traffic was allowed on the roads until the president was gone.
People were lining the highway, waiting to see his motorcade. Finally, after an hour and a half of waiting in our driveway, we saw some action.
(That’s his car. It had flags flying from the antennas and people (him? couldn’t really tell) waving from the backseat.)
It was pretty exciting to know the leader of the free world was just a few feet away from where we stood. I doubt that will ever happen again in my lifetime.