#183 Cheap truck.

Ben’s brother Tom has been asking us when we’re going to sell him our Tahoe over the last few months, but we could never part with it. We got an awesome deal on it when a local senator decided to sell it after using it for campaigning, and it’s never given us a minute of trouble. The dream situation.
Today, it looks like we stumbled upon the dream situation for Tom:
The bank repossessed this a couple days ago and are selling it for rock bottom price even though there’s really nothing wrong with it. It’s newer than ours, is the Z71 package (ours is just a 4-wheel drive), and it’s just as good as the price we paid for ours. Our neighbor Josh told Ben about it, and we went and test drove it to give Tom a full report. Gosh, it’s nice. Those Napier boys are lucky dogs.