#2,012 The Longest Day.

After a brief, fitful sleep, spent glued to Ben’s side, we spent today being each other’s shadow. I felt distinctly attached and thankful for him in the wake of such tragedy yesterday, and constantly on the brink of tears from physical and emotional exhaustion. From sun up to way past sun down today, we worked side by side, hammering, measuring, adjusting, moving, sanding. We’ve been part of the greatest adventure of our lives for the last 2 months, and tomorrow is the end of this chapter. I can’t wait to tell you everything. I can’t wait for you to see it, friends. It’s been so hard keeping this secret and every day that passes inches closer to the day we can explain why we’ve been so hard to get in touch with, why we haven’t been at our studio, and why my blogs have been incredibly lackluster.

Tonight, we’ll go to sleep with aching backs and grateful (if heavy) hearts.