#2,048 Fall Fake Out + House Guests.

When we woke up this morning it was a crisp 74 degrees outside. 74 DEGREES IN JULY, Y’ALL.

We couldn’t get outside to have our breakfast fast enough and then we lingered there, working on ideas for a Lucky Luxe ad campaign starting soon. It was heavenly. The feeling of fall in the air changes my heart deeply somehow—isn’t that strange? It’s just weather. But it’s so much more than weather.

No, I did not wear this lotion today!………….

Well, not much.

After work we went to Hattiesburg for dinner with the Tews and Razzles at Bianchi’s then met Sam and Lyn to pick up Ellie and Jared, our niece and nephew who are staying the weekend with us while their parents take a little trip for Lyn’s birthday. I’m so excited to do the things I loved when I was 8 and 14 with them, and the things I love to do now at 29 (like, say, pancakes and fluffernutter sandwiches).

As always, Ellie found her favorite on our coffee table: the Book of Beards, and gave us commentary on each photo.

And then we watched Angus, because it’s important when you’re 14.

Tomorrow Ben has secret plans that will be the kick off of my birthday month. I don’t know what he has planned for the weeks ahead in an effort to ease my gloomy feelings about turning 30, but he know better than anyone how to make me feel loved and comforted when nothing else can.

I’m entering the last month of my twenties. Let’s make it a good one!