#2,074 One Last 20s Trip.

We woke up like any other Wednesday and took our walk. We took care of some things around the shop.

We packed our bags…

And got on a plane.

Did my usual deathly fear of flying clinginess:

Saw a pretty sunset from an airplane:

And at 11 pm, I found myself in New York City.

We got a midnight snack at Crif Dogs and now, I’m ready to close my heavy eyes. We’ve got so much to see and do tomorrow!

We got our first shipment of Lucky Luxe Sweet Olive candles yesterday… And so many of our sweet friends texted and called asking when they could get one, that I decided to go ahead and put them on pre-sale, though they won’t be ready for pick up or to ship until September 9. If you’d like to know exactly what’s so great about the smell of my little hometown, here’s your chance! Click here to read about the inspiration and pre-order one if you’d like to!