#2,088 Assembly Line + Life by Design.

I felt very Rosie the Riveter tonight while Ben and I rolled and wrapped all 100 of the Lucky Luxe Sweet Olive candles so we can begin shipping tomorrow and Friday! It was actually kind of fun getting in the zone and seeing such tangible progress.

I was surprised by how quickly we sold most of them in the pre-sale, but there are still some left if you would like one. We’ve already placed a reorder but they won’t be in back in stock until late November after the ones we have left are sold! I’m so thankful for your incredible support of our little endeavors, friends. You just have no idea.

Also, today over on my shop’s blog is a post that I think anyone who reads here regularly will appreciate. Because there’s much more to life than work, and home is dear to our hearts, we’re introducing a new guest blog series called Life by Design where we’ll be sitting down with some of our favorite designers and creatives discussing how we can make the conscious decision to design our lives around the people, places, moments and things that give us real joy. Today, the ladies of Grove Street Press kicked off the series. Let’s all stare in awe at a gallery wall from their studio, shall we?

My favorite quote from their answers is, “We believe that every single day should, on a micro scale, have some part of all the things that we want from life— family, friends, prayer, work, study and leisure.” 

You can read the full post right here!