#2,103 Ben’s 32nd.

I snuck out of our room early this morning to make Ben a birthday breakfast, since that’s kind of become our tradition.

The smell of coffee, Cracker Barrel pancakes, scrambled eggs and Conecuh sausage woke him up and we had a long, lingering breakfast and I gave him his modest little gifts.

His birthday bookmaking inspired me and I tried my best by painting a little card and writing 32 reasons I’m glad he was born. It was really hard to choose the 32 things I wanted to say. Lately, I’ve been listening to Drew Holcomb and his song What Would I Do Without You gives me, the terminal worrier, a heartsick feeling for Ben, my unwavering optimist and comforter, a gift from our Father who knew me before I even existed. He knew me and all my anxieties and irrational fears and expectations and paired me with Ben. He cares for us so much.
When colours turn to shades of grey
With the weight of the world at the end of the day
Oh…what would I do without you?

A decade goes by without a warning
And there’s still a kindness in your eyes
Amidst the questions and the worries
A peace of mind, always takes me by surprise.

I feel like I’m walking with eyes as blind
As a man without a lantern in a coal mine
Oh…what would I do without you?

My imagination gets the best of me
And I’m trying to hide lost at sea
Oh…what would I do without you?


So you’ve got the morning, I’ve got midnight
You are patient, I’m always on time
Oh…what would I do without you?

You’ve got your sunshine, I’ve got rainclouds
You’ve got hope, I’ve got my doubts
Oh…what would I do without you?
And after a day spent in his woodshop and a trip to the barber for a cut and shave, we headed north to spend the weekend with his family. There might have been a guilty pleasure on the way…
Because, you know. When you’re here, you’re family.
Happy birthday, Big. I’ll never be able to explain how thankful I am that you exist.