#2,107 Megan + New Moisturizer.

It was a really uneventful day spent in my shop Photoshopping product photos for the new websites except for the little while I spent facetiming with my friend Megan from Mae Mae & Co. She and I have something up our sleeves in the way of collaborating and it felt good to spend some time outside of my own head, having a bouncing board in someone in my exact same shoes right now. If you don’t have that person in your work life, I wish so badly for you to find one, dear reader. It makes the world seem smaller and everything you’re worried about seem like small potatoes. Try it!

And after work and dinner and a stop by Josh and Emily’s and then Ross and Laura’s, we made the last stop of the day at the drugstore where I tested literally every single face moisturizer (on my arms and hands and then Ben’s too) for 3 criteria since my beloved favorite moisturizers are both forever extinct (Dove Deep Moisture and Garnier Moisture Rescue, in case you share my grief?):
1. Smell (must be fresh and almost citrusy, anything baby powdery and I’m gagging)
2. SPF 15 or 20, but NOTHING higher. I don’t wanna be 100% ghostly white.
3. … Wrinkle repair (even though we all know it doesn’t work). Because, you know, I’m 30 now.
And the winner of tonight’s moisturizer battle:
Sorry for the girly post, Jake. I’ll do better tomorrow!