#2,109 Pumpkins Are Here.

I woke up this morning determined to conquer the MOUNTAIN of clean laundry that we’ve just been pulling from the dryer and piling on top. I walked into the laundry room and saw my favorite big fat fluffy butt, who ran to me and kept me company while I folded and Chevy looked on, totally suspicious of it all.

Later today, I helped Ben make some furniture deliveries…

And he helped me by making a nifty frame with twine so I can clothespin and photograph my textile products for the new shop. For some reason, it was really busting my brain to think of a solution for this, and he sweetly toted this up to my shop an hour later, not to mention the little staging table he made me last week that it’s sitting on. Bless.

And then we went to church to help set up the pumpkin patch! AHHHH! They’re here again!