#2,115 Matthew + Planting + 33 Supper Club.

Today had several high points, all worth mentioning. For starters, we made another instagram friend into a real life friend via lunch at PDI with Matthew Magee, whose 15 second video posts as his alter ego (when wearing the Eternal Fox hat), Orville von Rawhide, make us laugh till we cry:

Then after work, I finally planted fall flowers in the gazillion empty pots that have been sitting forlornly on my porch since July when all their tenants up and died in the heat.

And finally, this month’s supper club was at Jim and Mallorie’s where she surprised him with a Friday Night Lights-inspired 33rd birthday cake. Because, you know, 33.

Happy (early) birthday, cuz!

Speaking of great TV shows, I surprised Ben with one more late birthday gift.

If you can guess the show that poster is from, I’ll give you $5 and a bowl of chili.