#2,123 Paper Friends + Little Dinner.

I’ve recently started a group on facebook with other wedding stationers I’ve become connected with over the years and it’s SO good to have real, good, honest talk and encouragement for one another there. It can be isolating, being an online small business owner way down here in Mississippi. Thanks to the internet, we don’t have to be strangers. Instead, we can be a support system for one another. I’m incredibly grateful for that.

We both ended up working late and missing supper at the church, but we made it just in time for our small group study on the history of Methodism and Ben even managed to grab a to-go plate to bring home. Tonight’s menu was meatloaf, so I went with cereal and we, oddly, had a really lovely and romantic little catch up on the day at the tiny breakfast table in our butler’s pantry, squished between the cabinets.

He’s been learning so much about woodworking in recent weeks that’s fascinating to me. For instance, did you know they use wood for cutting boards because you wash it, but the fibrous grains wick any remaining bacteria into the heart of it, then it doesn’t get oxygen so it dies. So, wood is kind of self-cleaning. How cool is that? Also, if you make a table from wood that hasn’t been kiln-dried, it will warp badly unless you give it ‘ribs’ underneath with the wood turned a certain direction. Fascinating stuff, I think. I love that he’s found his craft.