#2,133 Sabbath.

Continuing on our month of glorious underscheduling, we went to church this morning, then bought groceries, then went home in the drizzling rain and did absolutely. Nothing. We’ve been waiting for this rain for so long after weeks of burn bans and parched land. We got chili going in the crock pot, then took a nap in the near pitch-black darkness of the rain.

After our nap I lit my favorite earl grey and lemon candle, reserved for cold rainy days only, and we rented Notting Hill while we waited for the chili to finish simmering.

It’s been years since I saw it, and watching it now gave me a new appreciation for it because, truly, before Ben and I knew each other, I wanted so badly to know him (see here and here). He was a kind of celebrity around our college campus, and in the best way. He was loved because he would go out of his way to make everyone he spoke to feel special. He would sit with the person eating alone. In conversation, he would ask questions about whatever topic you brought up. Even topics you would assume him to have no interest in. And because of his formidable size, he really did fill up a room with his personality. I was drawn in to him, like most folks who meet him, but felt too unimportant to be his friend. When we first met, I was a little starstruck. It sounds ridiculous, I know. But to me, it was kind of a dream. I felt very much like Will Thacker when the movie star walks into his book store.

Soon, there were footsteps on the porch. Jim, Mal and Lu came in and we all had a bowl of chili and caught up on the weekend.

It’s so good to do nothing on a Sunday.