#2,135 EDA Banquet.

Tonight we got to play dress up and have dinner with the movers and shakers of Jones County at the Economic Development Authority banquet where people have clearly been tricked into believing we belonged there. I hobbled through the night in my high heels, and we had fun meeting lots of people we didn’t know, hugging lots of people we did know, and getting to know Jeff, an amazing speaker and restaurateur from Jackson.

Jim, Mal, Josh and Emily were there and made sure to laugh out loud when Jeff had a slide in his presentation with a photo of William H. Mason (one of the great cornerstone businessmen in Laurel’s history who invented Masonite and was an apprentice of Thomas Edison) beside a photo of Ben (a pretend lumberjack who is great at moving heavy things), comparing the entrepreneurial spirit of the past and future of Laurel.

That’s what best friends are for—keeping you in check so you don’t ever feel too good about yourself. Josh texted these to the group and I died: