#2,142 Flowers + Breakfast + Bunyan.

I started off the day by picking up a few stems from my favorite neighborhood florist to create a small arrangement for photographing some new invitations for spring.

And here’s how it ended up, featuring our new In Full Bloom suite!

I rushed home early from work to get the house fluffed up and the biscuits and sausage going for the annual breakfast supper club at our house. What is it about the smell of breakfast and the company it brings that’s so comforting? It’s arguably my favorite meal.

And now… I need your help friends. Actually, Ben needs your help. Have you heard of Duluth Trading Company? They make really great clothes just for big men like Ben and his brothers, and they’re having a contest right now to find their own Paul Bunyan. AHHHHH! Ben has his own “blue ox” that hauls reclaimed lumber to his woodshop and is the official lumberjack mascot of our city. He was born for this. 
He entered this morning and is in the lead nationwide right now, but the contest ends November 10 so there’s still plenty of time to fall behind. We can vote daily so I’ll be reminding you sweet folks every day from now until then. It’s super easy. You just go to the link below, scroll past the entry form to the picture of Ben and check that box beside the number. SO easy, one click, done.
We need your HELP to get 100 votes a day! Click here to help Big Ben win!
He will love you forever.