#2,149 Branding Iron + Cozy.

This morning I was excited to find Ben’s branding iron had finally arrived in the shop mailbox, so naturally we bought a propane torch and got busy playing with fire.

It’s much harder to get an even impression than you might imagine and there could be many mishaps in the future with scalded hands, but it looks cool, right?!

When we came home from work I felt so thankful to see this cozy room. I turned on the fire, and just like that… I’m okay with it if we start listening to the James Taylor Christmas album.

Speaking of Christmas… Guess who Ben gets to be in a commercial later this week?

I’m positive it will look 100% natural!

It’s 30 minutes till the Paul Bunyan contest ends and Ben is leading by 2,277 votes! Now, he has to win the eye of the judges to be in the top 3, not matter what the vote count is. I’ll keep you posted, in case you care about this silly mess.

I feel so stupid for thinking Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, was November 23. It definitely is not. I made the correction on yesterday’s post, but just in case anyone is confused:
ErinAndBen.co will be launching on Cyber Monday, November 30! 
You’ll come here to find a “we’ve moved!” post and that’ll be the new home of this blog. Isn’t it kind of sad? The end is near for Make Something Good Today, but not really. All my posts will still be there, with lots of other stuff, too. Happy day!