#2,154 Thanksgiving Prep.

Y’all, how can Thanksgiving be upon us already? I JUST finished writing my 2014 year in review yesterday, didn’t I?! Somehow, it’s mid-November and we’ll be traveling the week leading up and us kids (me, Clark, Jim and our spouses) are stepping up to see if we can fill mama’s shoes and cook the big dinner since she has declared she wants a break from the cooking duties for once. Ben and I are responsible for 2 sides and dessert so I made Pioneer Woman’s Soul Sweet Taters (but I’m adding marshmallows of course, because WHY WOULDN’T YOU?) and preparing it all for the freezer.

It’s nerdy, but man I LOVE the way it feels to write on tin foil with a fresh fine point Sharpie. It made a letterpress-ish impression in the foil that’s very satisfying.

2 of mama’s famous pecan pies:

And a green bean casserole that I’ve heard you should and should not make ahead and freeze, but I’m gonna take my chances because it’s the easiest of them all to make another one at the last minute and I mean heck, it’s green bean casserole. Can it go that wrong?

Also, for those who may not be aware, the finest holiday treat you can give yourself just may be buttered, salted, roasted pecans and a glass of apple cranberry sparkling cider.

I can’t stop.