#2,164 Kitchen Floor.

Ben’s parents’ old kitchen floors have started to show their age and long-ago water damage by surprising us with soft spots in certain areas and over the last few days the guys managed to remove all the old subfloors down to the studs and replace it with new plywood. It was strenuous, incredibly messy work removing all that 1970s particle board that was lurking under 1970s linoleum, but today they finished the job…

And tonight Ben’s daddy and I worked together putting down temporary vinyl tile flooring as a placeholder until he can get down to Laurel and pick up a truckload of wood flooring he bought. I did not take a photo of said temporary vinyl flooring because my phone was dead and now I am in bed as I write this, but I assure you it is shiny, slick and waterproof for now which is all you need a temporary kitchen floor to be. Mostly, it was fun to do a little project like that with Ben’s daddy who always treats his daughters in law like delicate little girls who ought not have to lift a hammer. 

Also, what is the deal with the cotton candy skies this time of year? Could they get any prettier?

You’ve Got Mail was on TV tonight, and I still want to be Kathleen Kelly when I grow up.