#2,168 ErinAndBen.co

So here we are. Our new home sweet home! I’m honestly sitting here at my desk at the studio with my heart racing because this feels both terrifying and thrilling, opening ourselves up to the possibility of new things and new directions and kind of, a new career. Ben’s baby, Scotsman Co. is finally real, alive. This hobby he’s loved for the last 6 years has been just that—a hobby. He’s never sold a piece of furniture, only making pieces for our home and our family as gifts. A labor of love instead of a career. The launch of Scotsman Co. is a whole new world for Ben who’s been second fiddle at Lucky Luxe from the beginning, now running his own shop and I’m so incredibly proud of him and every scar on his calloused hands after the last couple months making a precious few items for you all to see and hopefully bring into your homes.

It’s been 8 years since I was planning my own wedding when I began Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence. I’ve been in the business of lovely paper ever since, but found that my heart doesn’t only belong to two-dimensional design. My interests are ever-evolving and including more and more home. Being at home. Designing home. Learning more about what it is that actually makes a house more than wood and brick. What makes your heart long for that particular speck of planet Earth when you leave it? It’s more than “things” that make you homesick. It’s a feeling of belonging, of comfort, and familiarity. Home is where you can be weird and wonderful and display the Elvis bust you found at a flea market and spray painted white.

Wedding invitations are the first page of a new family’s story. Home is where that story lives and where your days begin. Marriage, houses. It’s all really about being at home with someone, at home in a place.

I hope you’ll enjoy our new home on the internet. Please bear with us as we are learning our new order system and ironing out the wrinkles. We’re so glad you’re here, friend.

Goodness, my heart won’t stop racing.

We watched Creed, and I cried like an idiot.