#2,225 The Next Day + FAQs.

The day after you’re on national TV for an hour, this is what happens.

You wake up (albeit, later than usual), you eat cereal, you go to work and call your mama to help you ship orders, and stay there until way after dark, and it’s pretty much like every other day. Well, except for this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.57.00 AM  Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.58.59 AM

Except you celebrate by eating Chinese buffet until you’re so full, you feel appropriately miserable and satisfied, because you’ve been so nervous for the last 7 days you lost your appetite and were living on about 300 calories a day and it’s okay. You eat two of the fried sugar biscuit things, and that’s okay too.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.58.33 AM

You might also eat a personal size frozen pizza around midnight, and that’s okay, too. You’re catching up on the week, remember.

We’ve been getting so many questions about the show today and our production company gave us some answers to the FAQs:

1. “Where can I get all the paint colors and pretty things I saw in the Tews’ house on Home Town?”
I shared my sources today! Click here for all the details!

2. “I missed it! How can I see it again?
HGTV often re-airs its pilots. As soon as we know the next air date and time, we’ll be blowing up your social media all over again.
3. “How can we let HGTV know that we want more Home Town?”
Post on HGTV’s facebook page here and let them know you watched and loved the show. Side note: against Joanna and Lindsey and Jenna’s instructions to never ever go to the HGTV facebook page, I got the courage to read the comments about our show and my takeaway is this: people really liked it. A few people were really grumpy about it. That’s okay. We can all have different taste and style and there’s room for more than one show on the network. 

4. “Is there any way to stream it online?”
No, HGTV does not offer streaming for pilots. Dangit!
5. “We want to see pictures of the Tew home!”
Since it will re-air on HGTV, we’re holding back on sharing all the photos until after everyone has a chance to watch it.
6. “How can I move to Laurel and get a Home Town renovation?” We will not be casting more houses until we get a greenlight for a series from HGTV, but you can send an email to hometowncasting@rtrmedia.com (you will receive a bounceback) that will capture your email address for future use should we get picked up for series. You can move to Laurel anytime though, and the best place to start is by visiting these websites:
7. And the best for last: “How long will it take them to make a decision about series?”
A few months. Or many months. Months. The longest months of my life.